Websites are so 2000 late — Hashtags are where it’s at

That title comes with a caveat. It’s not entirely true. I did see an excellent example of promoting a hashtag instead of a url to engage new customers. I was driving along Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia. Four shiny, bright high performance cars passed me. Each had #scenicrush discretely, but legibly displayed on the door. […]

Many clocks - time ticking away on that project that is not completed because of procrastination

Reprograming Procrastination

One of the best kept secrets of the most productive and successful people is that we all have some task or area where we get stymied by procrastination. There are few things more horrible than the feeling of precious time slipping into the maw of procrastination. If you’ve tried implementing one time or project management […]

brand valuation, interbrand rankings

The Fiscal Importance of Your Brand

Similar to the S&P, there is a ranking system of companies by the valuation of their brands Marty Neumeier explains, “Despite the difficulty in recording brand value on the balance sheet companies are using brand value to obtain financing, price licensing, evaluate mergers & acquisitions, assess damages in litigation and justify the price of their stock.” […]

Your brand is what they say it is Marty Neumeier quote

Why Your Brand Isn’t What You Think It Is

My 7th grade English teacher sent me to the principal’s office for insubordination. I had a different interpretation of the poem we were reading than she was putting forth. She told me my interpretation was wrong. I told her it wasn’t, that there is no such thing a “right” interpretation of any work of art or […]

The other law of the jungle, Darwinism in business,

The Other Law of the Jungle — Why the Era of Darwinian Capitalism is Over.

Growing up in Western civilization, I was indoctrinated into Darwin’s survival of the fittest worldview. “Eat or be eaten” and “It’s a jungle out there.” We are taught that this is just how life is. This bloody tooth and claw perspective drives how we run our businesses. The view is so pervasive in our cultural heritage […]

Pope social media guru, vatican social media

Digital Leadership Insights from The Pope’s Social Media Guru

This quote from The Pope’s social media advisor got me thinking on a few levels. “If the church in some way is not present in the digital, we’re going to be absent from the experience and from the lives of many people,” Tighe said. “If we withdraw, then we’re leaving those areas to the trolls. […]

Why it's not all about the body count for Facebook likes

Facebook Likes — It’s Not About The Body Count

Facebook is suppressing the organic reach of business pages more and more. Here’s why that’s a good thing. Many people think success of a Facebook business page is measured in the number of likes. On the surface the number of “Likes” seems like a good measure. It is simple and easy to understand. It appeals to that […]

Lydia Snider, Kitesurfing Waddell, Kitesurfing & Entreprenership

My Greatest Lesson from Entrepreneurship & Kitesurfing

I only had 10 minutes at Event Santa Cruz to share my greatest learning from kitesurfing and entrepreneurship. Be comfortable in the uncertainty. When you’re pulling into a wave perched on a surfboard attached to a kite with the power of a Mac truck a million things can go wrong at any second. A line […]

Holding someone else accountable is like trying to eat their lunch for them.


Trying to hold someone else accountable is like trying to eat their lunch for them. No person can hold another accountable. They can impose consequences which is something entirely different from accountability. Accountability is an accounting of the decisions that lead to a certain result and the insight of other options that 20/20 hindsight reveals. That […]

Startup pitch tips from VC Adeo Ressi

Startup Pitch Tips from Adeo Ressi

Santa Cruz has a reputation for being a sleepy surfer town, but what most people don’t realize is that it is also a hotbed of innovation. I went to Santa Cruz Techraising’s “Pitch Your Idea to Adeo Ressi” event to find out what my fellow Santa Cruzians are up to these days and learn a […]