Photograph by Will Rountree

Design Your Perfect Average Day

Sometimes I stop and think about how my life is a string of one day after another.  Each one starting with the sun rising.  Everything I have in my life right now is a result of how I lived those days.  Everything I will have will be a result of what I’m doing now.  There more »

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Think Local First

Originally published in Action Outdoor and Bike Magazine As I write this, I’m sipping coffee from my local coffee shop. I walked past two chains for this cup. Why? Thanks to the strong Think Local First campaign here in Santa Cruz, when I need to buy something, I find myself thinking, “What is the locally-owned more »

Thrival in new economy action outdoor and bike magazine article

Thrival In the New Economy

Originally published in Action Outdoor & Bike Magazine There’s a Simpsons    episode    where Homer travels back to the Jurassic era. He sneezes. One after another, like dominoes, the dinosaurs keel over and die with huge crashes that shake the ground. It is a perfect illustration of our current economic situation. DOWN WITH DINO Bruce Lipton more »

3 Steps to Great Customer Testimonials

In a recent study over 70% of people reported that reviews of friends, family members and others “exert a great deal of influence in their buying decision”.  If you do not have reviews, recommendations or testimonials available for your potential customers to see online.  Follow these 3 easy steps and Get Some Now! 1) Do more »

Warning! Your Email Address Could Cost You That New Job

It could be that your resume is getting moved to the “No” pile solely on your email address.  Or it may be sending subtle signals that you are not current or savvy. If you are seeking jobs in the area of technology or other innovative fields some screeners may not look past your email address more »