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You Aren’t Helping Your Friend by Liking Their Facebook Page

You actually may be hurting your friends by liking their Facebook page.  These days it’s not the number of likes a page has, but how engaged those likes are. If you “like” your friend’s page but don’t engage with the posts you are actually hurting their page’s ranking in the news feed. This this article explains more »

Social Media Isn’t Just Social

Social Media has become a powerful game changer for the world. If you are still evaluating it’s value for your business take particular notice of the information in the Marketing section and the percentage of uses who count on social media when making a purchasing decision. Then look at the sections on Interaction, Time Spent more »

ROI of Social Media

Is social media a worthwhile time investment, or is it vacuous busyness that creates an illusion of building your business?  Yes.  Which is it for your business? That depends, here are some things to consider. Everybody Does Not Need To Be On Every Social Media Platform Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ Oh My!  I can barely more »

Pinterest: Why You Should Care

By now, you’ve probably already heard of Pintrest.  If you haven’t, you will soon. In just over a year Pintrest has grown to 45 million users.  I predict this will be the 3rd leg of essential social media for business development (the other two being Facebook and Twitter).  For some types of businesses it will more »