The Real Cost of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Before you run a Facebook ad campaign watch this video and read this article. So often when clients come to me they want to get the millions of likes and followers. They want the video that goes viral. Neither is necessarily a good thing for a company or a brand. I’m in the “Less is more »

Email Newsletter Oops.

Check out this newsletter email I received. There are a couple of things the authors did really well and one really big mistake. Can you spot them? Done Well – A Single Clear Call To Action: One of the most common mistakes people make in their email newsletters and other social media posts is they more »

LinkedIn Endorsements

What are those Endorsements on LinkedIn? And why do I get endorsements from people I barely know for skills I don’t have? These days when I give presentations on LinkedIn or work with an individual client on updating their profile this is number one question. LinkedIn has been making a concerted effort to transform the site more »

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

You know all those makeover reality TV shows? Nothing would make me happier than to have one where I help people with LinkedIn Profile Makeovers. One of my favorite shows is What Not To Wear – (Please someone turn me in! It would be such a blast to get to hang out with Clint & Stacy for more »

Miley Cyrus & The Underbelly of Social Media

Miley Cyrus’ 2013 VMA performance reveals the dark underbelly of social media. A few years ago South Park did an episode called “Briteny’s New Look”. This episode gave me new respect for Matt & Trey. This episode reveals a societal conspiracy to raise to celebrity and then destroy an innocent girl each year. It is more »

LinkedIn Land Rush

LinkedIn is starting to shift from the dusty file cabinet of resumes it once was to a dynamic engaged community.  Recent stats reveal that new members join every second 2 new members join. Those same stats also reveal that users are not as active as they are on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. So why more »

It Takes a Village

It takes a village to raise a social media brand. Most businesses from the latest, greatest startup to the Fortune 500 corporation under utilize one of their most powerful social media assets – their employees, staff team – whatever they call the group of people working together to get this thing going. There is an more »

Konsidering Klout

My recent annoyance with Klout got me thinking. What is is one’s online clout really and how would it be measured? Klout attempts to do this my running one’s social media activity through a super secret algorithm and spitting out a score between 1 and 100. Celebrities tend to score about 85. Regular people whiling more »

Social Media Isn’t Just Social

Social Media has become a powerful game changer for the world. If you are still evaluating it’s value for your business take particular notice of the information in the Marketing section and the percentage of uses who count on social media when making a purchasing decision. Then look at the sections on Interaction, Time Spent more »

Kred Top 1%

I just got notification that I am a top 1% Influencer on Kred.  Seems Kred is following LinkedIn’s lead on congratulating top influencers and making it easy for them to tweet about their success. When the LinkedIn congratulatory messages went out my social media feed blew up with people declaring it a scam and a more »