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Why Your Brand Isn’t What You Think It Is

My 7th grade English teacher sent me to the principal’s office for insubordination. I had a different interpretation of the poem we were reading than she was putting forth. She told me my interpretation was wrong. I told her it wasn’t, that there is no such thing a “right” interpretation of any work of art or more »

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My Greatest Lesson from Entrepreneurship & Kitesurfing

I only had 10 minutes at Event Santa Cruz to share my greatest learning from kitesurfing and entrepreneurship. Here it is: Below is what I meant to say. Here’s the video of what actually came out. Be comfortable in the uncertainty. When you’re pulling into a wave perched on a surfboard attached to a kite more »

Social Media Isn’t Just Social

Social Media has become a powerful game changer for the world. If you are still evaluating it’s value for your business take particular notice of the information in the Marketing section and the percentage of uses who count on social media when making a purchasing decision. Then look at the sections on Interaction, Time Spent more »

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Trying to hold someone else accountable is like trying to eat their lunch for them. No person can hold another accountable. They can impose consequences but that’s something entirely different from accountability. Accountability is an accounting of the decisions that lead to a certain result and the insight of other options that 20/20 hindsight reveals and more »

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Adeo Ressi

Santa Cruz has a reputation for being a sleepy surfer town, but what most people don’t realize is that it is also a hotbed of innovation. I went to Santa Cruz Techraising’s “Pitch Your Idea to Adeo Ressi” event to find out what my fellow Santa Cruzians are up to these days and learn a more »

Perfect Average Client

There is a saying, “If you are speaking to everyone, you are speaking to no one.”  One of the biggest mistakes people make in their business communications – be it the content on their website, social media or brochures is they don’t get clear on who their clients or customers are specifically.  They end up more »

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Brick & Mortar –> Browser & Mouse

  A recent report by J.P. Morgan senior analyst Imran Kahn predicts that global e-commerce revenue will grow to $963 billion by 2013. The report also reveals that, “higher income consumers shop online the most often, with 34 percent of those making $100,000 or more shopping online at least three times per month.” What could more »