My Greatest Lesson from Entrepreneurship & Kitesurfing

I only had 10 minutes at Event Santa Cruz to share my greatest learning from kitesurfing and entrepreneurship. Here it is: Below is what I meant to say. Here’s the video of what actually came out. Be comfortable in the uncertainty. When you’re pulling into a wave perched on a surfboard attached to a kite more »

Email Newsletter Oops

Check out this newsletter email I received. There are a couple of things the authors did really well and one really big mistake. Can you spot them? Done Well – A Single Clear Call To Action: One of the most common mistakes people make in their email newsletters and other social media posts is they more »

LinkedIn Endorsements

What are those Endorsements on LinkedIn? And why do I get endorsements from people I barely know for skills I don’t have? These days when I give presentations on LinkedIn or work with an individual client on updating their profile this is number one question. LinkedIn has been making a concerted effort to transform the site more »

LinkedIn Land Rush

LinkedIn has shifted from the online equivalent dusty file cabinet of resumes  to a dynamic engaged community. 1) The LinkedIn curators are systematically making changes on the site to foster and engaged community. They are creating the tools users need to connect and build community. You’ll notice the news feed looks similar to Facebook with more »

It Takes a Village

It takes a village to raise a social media brand. Most businesses from the latest, greatest startup to the Fortune 500 corporation under utilize one of their most powerful social media assets – their employees, staff team – whatever they call the group of people working together to get this thing going. There is an more »

Facebook News Feed Filter Hack Around

Maybe it’s just the rebel in me, but I don’t really want Facebook telling me what stories I should see in my news feed. I get it, the average Facebook user has a potential 1500 stories to be posted to their feed. Waaay more information than the average human brain can handle. To prevent information more »

Special Educator to Social Media

I come to the social media game from a rather unusual path. I have no business degree. I don’t come from a marketing background. In my first life I was a special education teacher. Yep, my background is from the public educational system. About as far from the business world as you can get. So more »